1. What is the instant noodle, Ramyun?

Ramyun refers to an instant noodle that is easy and handy to cook.
Ramyun is cooked in hot steam and then it is deep fried in palm oil.
Ramyun is finally dried and packed with soup powder.

2. Ramyun should be fried in oil?

First Ramyun started as a fried one, but nowadays, steamed noodle,
vermicelli noodle and rice noodles are launched as an instant noodle in the market.

3. Good points of Ramyun

4. Process of Ramyun Making

Let's find out how to make deep fried noodles.

1) Mixture

Make batter with flour and water.

2) Shaping

The batter goes into the roller and then turns to the sheet.
The flour sheet goes to the noodle making machine.
At this points, the speed of the conveyer belt slows down and the winding shape of Ramyun is formed.

3) Steaming

The winding shaped noodles go into the steam box and cooked. The temperature of the steam box is over 100℃.

4) Deep Frying

The noodle is frying in palm oil in 150℃. The palm oil is supplemented continuously for fresh flavor.

5) Cooling

Fried noodles are carried automatically for cooling.

6) Packing

The cooled noodles are packed with the separately packed soup powder.
The process of the packing and the boxing is also completed by automation system.

5. Soup Powder Making

The soup powder is made from various natural ingredients.
For instance, the main ingredients of the 'Beef Flavor' are beef, beef bones, vegetables and soy sauce etc.
The cooking process of the soup powder is the same as the way we cook at home. The only difference is the size.

6. The Process of the Soup Flakes

Ramyun is composed of noodles, soup powder and soup flakes.
The technology of the soup flakes is to preserve the natural flavor of the raw material.
Vegetables such as onions, chili, mushrooms, green onions are chopped into small pieces and dried instantly to enriched the flavor of the soup and to keep the nutritional balance.

7. Kinds of Ramyun