We Carry Quality Food To The World


The Profile of KO-A Trading Co., Ltd

KO-A trading started its business with the Middle East in 1984.
It first launched drinks, snacks and cup noodles in Saudi Arabia and has enlarged its market through all GCC countries as the sole agent of Nong Shim, one of the world-famous noodle companies. As a pioneer of Korean company in the Middle East, it has very strong relationship with major wholesalers in the Middle East Area and has introduced new items from Korea for the last 24 years. KO-A Trading’s main philosophy is to carry and make the top quality food because we care customers health and life.

In order to boost its efficiency and develop solid relations with the area, KO-A trading invested and established a snack factory, KOMANCO FOODS in Ajman, U.A.E. in 1996.
KOMANCO FOODS has a technical agreement with Nong Shim and set up all the facilities under the quality control of Nong Shim. KOMANCO FOODS imports raw materials from Nong Shim and manufactures snacks to export neighboring countries such as K.S.A, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt.
Its items are ‘Salad Snack’, and Shrimp Crackers’. Especially Salad Snack - made with potatoes and five other vegetables- has a high reputation in Saudi Arabia and has been an all time-favorite snack.

KO-A Trading, as an expert of the Middle East, has special recipes for Muslims not to contain any pork or harmful contents in the ingredients.
Especially, Nong Shim whoes company slogan is ‘Do Dream World Best’ has focused on manufacturing ‘Halal’ products in order to supply safe food to Islamic people as well.

KO-A Trading has introduced safe and gourmet foods to the Middle East over the last 24 years and will grow with this area with fine and best items.