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KO-a trading

KO-A trading started its business with the Middle East in 1984. 
It first launched drinks, snacks and cup noodles in Saudi Arabia and has enlarged its market throughout all GCC countries
as the sole agent of Nong Shim, one of the world-famous noodle companies. As a pioneer of Korean companies in the Middle East,
it has very strong relationship with major Asian countries for the last 24 years. The items are made with special recipes without
pork or other meat for Muslims, You will enjoy safe and high quality lnstant noodles, snacks, ginseng drink and popping candies.
Now KO-A Trading is doing its best to invite you to the new world of real taste.



1987. 07 : Foundation
1987. 08 : Sole Agent Distributorship of Nong Shim for the Middle East.
1987. 09 : Establish a Joint Venture with Al Shdaif in Riyadh, K.S.A.
1987. 05 : Export Ginseng Drink to K.S.A.
1988. 03 : Start Dammam Branch, K.S.A.
1988. 10 : Start Jeddah Branch, K.S.A.
1990. 05 : Start exporting to Bahrain and Kuwait.
1991. 09 : Export confectionery with sole agent distributorship of Korean Confectionery Companies such as LOTTE, Crown and HATAI to the middle east countries.
1992. 03 : Start distributing in UAE and Qatar.
1994. 11 : Awarded a ‘Export FrontIer for the 31st ‘Export Day’ by the Korean government.
1996. 11 : Established a snack factory-KOMANCO FOODS- in UAE.
2010. 04 : Supply cup noodles to Emirates Airlines for Dubai-Asia lines.
2011. 03 : Supply noodles to Carrefour, LuLu in Qatar.
2012. 09 : Start supply noodles to Carrefour in UAE
Start supply noodles to LuLu in Abu Dhabi.
2014. 05 : Supply cup noodles to cafeterias in Dubai International AirpoRt.
2014. 10 : Supply cup noodles to cafeterias in Abu Dhabi International AirpoRt.
2015. 11 : Supply cup noodles to ‘Air Arabia’ as in-flight meal.
2015. 11 : Supply noodles and snacks to ‘Danube’, ‘Manuela’, ‘LuLu and Al-Mazrah in K.S.A.

1) We manage at least one distributor our own regional branch in each G.C.C. country  for the marketing and cooperation. 
    To help minor markets, we set up the 10,000-sqare feet warehouse in UAE in 1998 for the logistics.
2) For the last 30 years, we have built up strong relationship with other confectionery companies in Korea, we have exported many items to the middle east.
3) For the marketing strategy, we have supplied noodles to the airline companies such as ‘Emirate Airlines’ and ‘Air Arabia’  and airport cafeterias.
4) For our partners, our regional manager  observes the market situations and finds solutions when problem occurs.
5) Most of all, we respect our partners and  do our best to protect their  benefits.